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Presented at NAFSA 2019 Conference in Washington, DC

Understanding Education Abroad Vendor Contracts

Education Abroad professionals must often negotiate and sign contracts with vendors and provider organizations, yet may have little knowledge of legal terminology and contract components, potentially putting their institution and students at risk. During this session we covered common contract terms, looked at who should sign various types of contracts, and shared tips on negotiation basics.

Presented at Lessons From Abroad 2019 Conference in Arlington, VA

Professional Networking Basics

During this session we shared tips on making meaningful connections for starting or advancing your career. Topics included: what exactly is networking, skills for effective networking, online vs. in-person networking, and a few tips specific to networking in the international education professional community.

Presented at AIEA 2018 Conference

How SIEM Data Can Inform Your Recruitment Efforts in Turbulent Times

During this roundtable discussion session, participants shared and brainstormed ways to adapt or structure strategic international enrollment management plans to address changing geopolitical and cultural realities. Discussion included how to assess an SIEM plan, how to use that data to make changes to increase sustainability and success, and ways to address recruitment, admissions, and retention issues.

Presented at AIEA 2017 Conference

Recruitment and Retention: Success Through Collaboration

During this session, participants discussed ways in which admissions and international student services teams can collaborate to successfully meet institution and department goals for recruiting and retaining international students.

Presented at AIEA 2016 Conference

International Enrollment Management: How to Win Friends and Influence People

In the Strategic International Enrollment Management cycle, an essential step toward campus internationalization is convincing the campus administration that Strategic International Enrollment Management is needed, from recruitment through alumni. During this session, participants discussed ways to influence others on campus towards effectively implementing and executing an IEM plan and to provide the necessary leadership throughout the process.

Presented at AIEA 2015 Conference

Successfully Creating Strategic International Recruitment and Retention Plans

A Strategic International Enrollment Management (SIEM) strategy provides a roadmap for intentional recruitment and retention of international students. Barriers to a successful strategy abound! Budget and resources, faculty and staff buy-in, communication challenges, enrollment crises, priority challenges, the list goes on. During this roundtable session, participants used hypothetical case studies (below) to focus on some of the common obstacles to SIEM while beginning to develop strategies for their own leadership to successfully move forward.

Presented at NAFSA Bi-Regional X+XI 2014 Conference

To Affiliate or Not to Affiliate

Criteria for Institutions and Education Abroad Providers

How do higher education institutions and education abroad provider organizations decide whether or not to affiliate to send students abroad? During this session, presenters and participants discussed criteria they use for evaluating fit between institutions and providers. Presenters from a public institution, a private institution, and a provider organization shared models and perspectives. Preliminary results from two informal online polls, shared during the session, are available in the survey results PowerPoint slides; the full session PowerPoint presentation is also available. A more complete report of survey results will be available soon.

Presented at NAFSA 2014 Conference

The Recruitment-Retention Connection

How can U.S. recruitment, admissions, and international student services personnel work together to ensure intentionality in recruiting and retaining non-U.S. students? Presenters from two universities shared their approaches, strategies, successes, and challenges. An overview of International Enrollment (IEM) was also included.

Presented at NAFSA Region VIII 2013 Conference

What Are The Criteria?

Approaches to Evaluating, Approving, and Affiliating with Third-Party Providers

How do you decide if a third-party education abroad provider is a good fit for your students and your institution? Do you affiliate or approve? What do education abroad provider organizations consider? Presenters from a public and private institution and a provider organization shared their own models, then participants worked in small groups to develop criteria that could work for them. Survey results from an informal online poll examining how different organizations and institutions have approached this question of affiliation are included in the report. The PowerPoint presentation includes preliminary results that were presented during the session.

Presented at NAFSA 2013 Conference

Is Consulting for Me?

Being a consultant is one possible step in the career path of an international educator. A panel of current and former international education consultants discussed their different pathways to and experience with consulting and answered questions about why and how to become a consultant.

Presented at AIEA 2013 Conference

Outsourcing for Your IE Office

Why & When to Look for Outside Help

Like their institutions of higher education, international education offices are increasingly seeking outside assistance to supplement and extend the work of their own staff. Acknowledging the long history of working with third party providers in the education abroad arena, our panel of high-level university administrators discussed the growing practice of working with outside providers and consulting services in areas such as international student recruitment, technology functions, staff recruitment, and special projects.